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5 Tips for Choosing a South Bend Pressure Washing Company

If you want to spend very little but make a huge difference in the curbside appeal of your house, then have it pressure washed. Pressure washing will help to freshen up your house, reduce corrosion, and make things sparkle. But not all pressure washing companies are the same! To find the best South Bend pressure washing companies, use these five tips to finding the best!

1. Don’t Choose on Price Alone

Sure, it doesn’t seem like rocket science. So, how much difference could there possibly be in a pressure washing service, a ton! If you go by price alone and choose the cheapest quote, you are going to get what you pay for. And when it comes to pressure washing, it takes expertise and knowledge not only to get the job done right, but also to ensure that things aren’t damaged. If a company is significantly cheaper, there is a reason why. And you don’t want to find out what that reason is the hard way.

2. Get a Guarantee in Writing

Before you choose which South Bend pressure washing company to hire, make sure that they are willing to back their results with a warranty in writing. An estimate is great, but not if it doesn’t come with a promise that stands behind the work they are providing. If you have a problem or not be satisfied with the work done, make sure that you have some recourse. And also, make sure that the company will do what is necessary to make you a satisfied customer.

3. Get More Than one Estimate

It is super convenient to just Google to find a company, have them take a look, and give you their estimate. But convenience is not always a good thing. Before you hire a pressure washing company, it is important not only to get more than one estimate, but also to have someone come out and take a look. There are many ways to go about washing the exterior of your home. And some companies might want to approach it differently. When hiring an expert, it is always a good idea to get more than one opinion. And for budgetary reasons, it is always best to shop around!

4. Get References

Reviews are an excellent way to gauge the reputation of a company you are considering hiring. But there is no substitute for a good, old-fashioned reference. Ask for references from previous clients and the jobs they have completed. That way, you can see first hand the quality of their work. Or, you can reach out and find out what a previous client’s experience was. If they can’t give you any references, that is a red flag, and it might be better to move along!

5. Make Sure They Have the Right Equipment

You can purchase pressure washing equipment at any hardware store and do it yourself. But they won’t do the same quality job as commercial-grade equipment. If you are going to hire someone to do the job, make sure that they have the right equipment. The whole reason to have a professional do it is that they will do a better job than you can. If they have poor tools, then it will not be a job well done.

Pressure washing is an excellent way to make an immediate improvement on the exterior of your home for very little investment, but only if you hire the right company. Since not all pressure washing South Bend companies are the same, make sure to take your time and choose the right one. At Above & Beyond Pressure Washing, we not only have a professional team of experts, we have the latest and best equipment in the industry.

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