Answers to the Most Common Pressure Washing Questions at Your Fingertips

Although pressure washing seems to be a fairly straightforward practice, there are some common questions that our customers have. We thought it best to address them so that our customers are informed not only about why you should hire our Michiana power washing service, but also so that they know what power washing can and can’t do, and why they shouldn’t do it themselves.

What Surfaces Can be Pressure Washed?

Many homeowners wonder about the safety of pressure washing the exterior of their homes. Pressure washing is an excellent way to remove dirt and debris all-around your home, that being said, it is not appropriate for all areas. Things that you can pressure wash are concrete or asphalt driveways, brick, vinyl siding, and stone. But if you have surfaces that are painted, it is best to try pressure washing a small portion first to ensure that it won’t lead to chipping paint or stripping it entirely. If you aren’t sure about what is safe, it is best to let a professional handle it!

Why Should I Hire a Professional?

If you want to get real results with power washing, it takes investing in a commercial power washer, which is not cheap. For the average homeowner, it doesn’t make sense to invest in one. And if you intend to rent one, it will cost you nearly as much as letting a professional service take care of it. Also, if you don’t know the difference between soft washing, power washing, or pressure washing, you could end up doing some significant damage using the wrong type. A professional company will not only get much better results; they will ensure to keep your exterior damage-free!

What is the Difference Among Pressure Washing, Power Washing, and Soft Washing?

Pressure washing and power washing are interchangeable terms. Soft washing is a process that uses less pressure and instead uses detergents and various solvents to clean the surface. It is important to know which surfaces are safe for pressure washing and which require soft washing. And once soft washing is required, you also need to know what type of solvent to use to target debris, while also not doing any harm.

When do you use Cold Water Versus Hot Water?

The type of water temperature you need is dependent on what you are cleaning. Cold ,water pressure washing is the most popular type of power washing used, mostly because it does a good job on many surfaces. Cold water is best to remove dirt and debris. And in some instances, adding detergent helps to reduce the time necessary to get things clean. If you are trying to tackle a job that has things like oily or greasy dirt and debris, then you are probably better off using hot water.

Is Pressure Washing a Roof Safe?

Pressure washing is very effective to get roofs clean, but it is probably best used for concrete or metal roofing material. If you have shingles, then pressure washing might lead to damage. Only a professional can evaluate whether it is safe to pressure wash your roof, so doing it yourself is never a good idea!

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home?

Professionals recommend that you wash the exterior of your home about every two years to avoid harmful dirt and debris from causing damage. But for most homeowners, the effects of a long winter season can dull the exterior. So if you are trying to increase your curbside appeal, then having your home pressure washed once a year will probably yield better overall results.

Pressure washing is a quick and reliable way to make the exterior of your home shine like new, but it does take training to get it right. By the time you rent a machine and go through the rigors of getting it set up, you are probably going to spend money doing it yourself over hiring a Michiana power washing service. And, even worse, if you aren’t an expert, you can end up doing some pretty expensive damage. Let the professionals of Above and Beyond Pressure Washing take care of cleaning your home up this spring – we will make it shine like new! Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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