Beat the Spring Rush and Have Your Home Pressure Washed NOW

Although we are still mid-winter, spring is right around the corner. The days are already beginning to get longer and if you listen really closely, you might hear the sound of birds chirping a farewell to the cold. Most people wait until the spring weather rushes in to hire a pressure washing company to clean things up, but if you start now, you will beat the rush. But don’t simply Google “pressure washing near me,” and choose the first service that pops up, choose wisely to get the best results and most expert service.

Look at the Reviews

A decade ago, a company had to work tirelessly to gain a good reputation via word of mouth. That made it a little harder to find the best service. Nowadays, all you have to do to gauge how well a service is performing is to look at their online reviews. Reviews can tell you a lot about how well someone’s service is and it can also give you red flags for those that aren’t that good. It doesn’t take much past Googling “pressure washing near me,” to check out what people have to say about the company they hired. Spring-Rush

License and Insurance

Before you hire any pressure washing company, make sure that they have the proper license and insurance to keep both their employees and your home safe. If someone has an accident while performing work at your home, if the company doesn’t have the right insurance, that can lead to it befalling on you. Since pressure washing consists of using high powered water while sometimes standing on a ladder, it can be a hazardous job. Ask for verification that the company you hire has the right insurance to keep everyone safe.

Their Experience Matters

There are some surfaces like asphalt and concrete that are hardy enough to use pressure washing on. But there are also some surfaces that are either too porous or fragile to use high pressured water. Soft washing is a technique that should be used on painted wood, and other areas. But it takes a professional eye to know what can be used where. And if you hire a company that doesn’t have the right knowledge to know the difference, they can cause a whole lot of damage. Always hire a company that has the right expertise and experience to get the job done correctly. Pressure-Washed-NOW


Commercial equipment gets the job done much better. And the better the equipment, the better the results. Make sure to only invest in a company that invests in themselves. Look for professional equipment that is well maintained and state of the art. A company that doesn’t take care of their tools probably won’t take the best care of you or your pressure washing job. Although we are still mid-winter, it is never too early to have your home power washed. Don’t wait like everyone else for the first signs of warm weather to clean things up. If you make your appointment today you will be that much ahead of the game with a home that shines like new again. Contact Above and Beyond Pressure Washing today and schedule your upcoming appointment to beat the spring rush!