Myth – Pressure Washing is Only for Warm Weather…Not so Fast!

Most people believe that when the cold Michiana weather hits, the pressure washing industry takes a hiatus until spring. After all, most homeowners put their landscaping problems aside, neglect their exteriors, and figure they will deal with them when the warm weather returns. But ignoring your outdoor areas for the long winter months is a huge mistake. If you don’t keep up with dirt, debris, and stains, throughout the year, you can end up with costly damage. The cold weather might steal your motivation to worry about your property, but wintertime is when mildew and mold thrive. So it might be a perfect time to find a South Bend power washing company!

Can you Pressure Wash in the Cold?

We understand why you don’t want to brave the cold weather to worry about the exterior of your home. The good news is that you don’t have to; that is what a professional is for. It is possible to still pressure wash your house during the cold weather.  In fact, it might be a perfect time to do it. Things like driveways and sidewalks can still be washed effectively to do away with fall leaf stains. And getting rid of the dirt and grime will make it easier for you to do your spring clean up. Or, you can focus your attention on interior things like garage floors, screened-in porches, and enclosures. That way, you won’t be inconvenienced the first couple of nice spring weeks.

But Only a Professional Should do it!

Even though it is possible to pressure wash things like cedar, stucco, wood, and vinyl during the cold winter months, the material can be more vulnerable to damage. So it probably isn’t a good idea for you to do it yourself. Many structures weaken during the cold, so knowing what pressure is safe can be difficult unless you are a trained professional. If you don’t know what you are doing, it is possible to damage materials and cause excessive moisture in places where it will lead to harmful conditions like mold.

The Holidays are Coming – And so are Your Guests

If you worry that you missed your opportunity to get your home looking more “homey” before your holiday guests arrive, you didn’t. There is still time to have your home pressure washed in time to entertain. Not only will it make your curbside appeal more appealing; you can save your home from the damage that can happen if you allow dirt and debris to sit festering until spring. Pressure washing is an all-year-round thing practice if you hire someone who knows how to do it safely and correctly.

If you are worried that you missed the boat and have to suffer through the rest of the winter with your home looking less than wonderful, that is a myth. Pressure washing can not only be done during the cold weather; it is an excellent way to be proactive for the springtime! But only if you hire a professional South Bend power washing company like Above and Beyond Pressure Washing. Contact us today and have your home looking entertaining in time for the holidays.

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