Power Wash, Soft Wash, Pressure Wash – Is There Really a Difference?

When it comes to pressure washing, we get common questions from our clients that we wanted to clear up. Although most people use the phrases “pressure washing,” “power washing,” and “soft washing” as if they are all the same thing, they are actually not. And not knowing the difference or what to use where can lead to the need for costly repairs. This is how they differ and what to use where per our power washing South Bend, IN company experts.

What is Pressure Washing and Power Washing?

For our industry, the term that people usually look for is “pressure washing.” It is a method of washing the exterior spaces of your home or office using a high-powered water machine that cleans dirt, debris, and algae off your exterior surfaces. Power washing is similar to pressure washing, but it uses warm water instead of regular tap water to enhance its cleaning ability. Pressure washing and soft washing are typically the best methods to use for durable and non-porous surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Power and pressure washing, however, are not suitable methods for all areas of your home or office.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing differs from both pressure and power washing because instead of using a high-powered jet, it involves using a softer pressure combined with solvents and cleaners. The cleaners are specifically formulated to get your exterior surfaces clean while being environmentally friendly and gentle on surfaces. You should use a soft washing technique on things like painted surfaces, shingles, and other less sturdy materials.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Pressure Washing Everywhere

Some companies with less experience will only offer pressure washing. The problem that you have with using pressure and power washing on everything is that it can lead to damage and the need for unnecessary repairs. For example, roof washing is supposed to extend the life of your roofing material, but if you use pressure washing, you can end up with water and moisture damage and your roofing shingles degrading over time. It takes experience and industry knowledge to know what can be used where.

Our Difference

At Above and Beyond, we have the expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and industry knowledge to know which method is appropriate to use where. Our mission is to get the cleanest results possible and to make sure that we limit the possibility of damage and the need for unnecessary repairs. It is our commitment to quality that sets us apart from our competitors.

Although most people outside our industry use the terms “pressure washing,” “power washing,” and “soft washing” as if they are all the same thing, they are not. It might not be important for our customers to know exactly what to use where, but it is important that the company they hire for power washing in South Bend, IN does. Hiring us today will ensure that you get the safest and most effective cleaning possible – make your appointment now!