Should You Have a Roof Cleaning Done This Summer?

Your roof is the first line of defense that you have for one of your greatest investments, your home. And keeping it in good shape is the best way to extend its lifespan. When algae, mold, and mildew build on a roof, soffit, and fascia, it can lead to rotting and can hurt the integrity of your roofing materials. Pressure washing is an excellent way to clean your roof and to maintain it. But, unfortunately, it is not safe for every type of roofing material.

So, should you have your roof cleaned this summer?

These are the guidelines outlined by the best roof cleaning South Bend, IN company around.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is a technique that uses high-powered concentrated water to clean hard surfaces from dirt, debris, and algae. Although typically safe for hard surfaces, there are instances where another form of washing might be more appropriate. Soft washing uses less force, combined with a solvent, to clean surfaces that can be damaged by a pressure washer. For older shingled roofs, soft washing might be a safer way to get your roof clean without the risk of loosening shingles. And there is less of a likelihood that the water from soft washing will get underneath the shingles themselves where it can lead to mold and mildew.

Soft Washing or Pressure Washing, Which is Right for you?

Cleaning your roof is an excellent way to keep it looking good. And it is also critical for reducing wear and tear. Metal roofs are sturdy enough to handle pressure washing, and it is an efficient and effective way to keep things clean. But if you have a shingle roof, it is important to have it evaluated by a professional before it is pressure washed. Only someone who is expertly trained will know if pressure washing or soft washing is more appropriate and safe.

Is Roofing Cleaning a Good DIY Project?

If you are considering cleaning your roof on your own, you might want to think again. Professional equipment is preferred to get your roof clean. And by the time you rent the right machine, get up on a ladder, and spend the time washing it yourself, you are spending money to save money. Also, getting up on a ladder to wash your roof with high-powered water, and perhaps detergents, is highly dangerous and should be left up to a professional. It isn’t worth risking your roof, or yourself, to do it on your own when it costs very little to hire a roofing cleaning South Bend, IN company to do it for you!

Pressure washing is an excellent way to make the exterior of your home more aesthetically appealing. But before you decide it is appropriate for your roof, make sure to have a professional evaluate which method is best; soft or pressure washing. There are times when pressure washing might lead to damage instead of helping to extend the life of your roof.

Only a professional roofing cleaning South Bend, IN company like Above and Beyond Pressure Washing is qualified to determine which technique will work best and safest. And since it is a dangerous job, it is best left to people who are trained to handle it. Contact us today to discuss your roof cleaning project.

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