Does Your Roof Have Stains and Algae? Here’s What’s Causing it – And How We Can Help

There is nothing that can destroy the curbside appeal of your house more than stains and roof algae. But it isn’t just about not looking good; if you have algae growth on your roof, you could inadvertently be reducing your roof’s life expectancy as well as creating a breeding grounds for pests that will eventually make their way indoors. When it comes to roof cleaning South Bend projects, the good news is that taking months of stains and debris off of your existing roof can not just enhance the beauty of your home, it can also help to reduce your need for a roof repair or replacement.

What Causes Roof Stains and Algae Growth?

Indiana homes are prone to algae growth and stains especially during the hot summer months. It is not uncommon to experience dark streaks on an asphalt roof that stems from the accumulation of dirt and debris, mold, mildew or even defective shingles. Most commonly, algae comes from airborne spores of the Gloeocapsa Magma. Although algae growth might not harm the integrity of your roof, it can make your home look aged and weathered. And it can also be a prime breeding grounds for pests.

Why is it Just on the Roof?

The reason that algae is not found on other parts of the exterior of your home like the metal flashing, roof vents or the chimney is that those areas often contain a zinc or copper coating or galvanized sheet metal, which are highly toxic to algae and disallow its growth. That is why many roofing manufacturers are beginning to place copper granules into roofing products to make shines algae-resistant. But if you aren’t prepared to replace your roof just yet, the good news is that roof cleaning in South Bend is highly affordable and can make a huge impact.

Chemical Cleaning

Algae stains are best removed using a cleaner that will not harm the surface of your roof. It may not stop it from returning, but it is an excellent way to clean off stains. But it is important to consider that pressure washing, over time, might have an erosive effect, which can decrease the life expectancy of your roof. The cleaning products that we use to clean your roof will not do any harm, will remove stains, and are completely safe for the environment.

How We Can Help?

Our professional roof cleaning service can come in and use non-toxic chemicals to clean your roof and enhance the aesthetics of your home. We can also make recommendations about how to tackle the growth of algae and stains in the future. With regular roof cleaning, you can eliminate the potential for a pest problem and keep your roof in good shape for years to come.

If you have an aged-looking roof due to an accumulation of dirt, debris and algae growth, cleaning it can be a breeze. And once we get it clean, we have effective and inexpensive ways to reduce the growth of future algae without the expense of replacing the roof altogether.

Contact Above & Beyond Pressure Washing today to devise a plan to tackle your roof cleaning South Bend project and to stop future algae growth for a more lasting beautiful exterior.