What Should and Should Not Be Pressure Washed?

When it comes to home maintenance, nothing will keep the exterior of your home looking better than having it pressure washed. Pressure washing can be used on many surfaces around your home, but it is not appropriate for all exterior materials. If you use pressure washing on materials that aren’t hardy enough, you can run the risk of damaging things that could cost you a lot. Read on to learn about soft washing in South Bend and why it is critical for some areas.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing involves using water at high pressures to remove dirt, debris, and build-up from your home’s exterior surfaces. Pressure washing and power washing are almost the same; the only difference is that power washing uses warm or hot water. Pressure washing is an appropriate method to use on non-porous materials like concrete and asphalt. However, not everything around your home is suitable for pressure washing. Some things can easily be damaged, and they require a different method of washing.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a technique that uses a gentler water spray to remove dirt and debris from your home’s exterior. When surfaces are porous, pressure washing can cause water damage that leads to mold and mildew. Also, if you have areas that are painted or stained, they can easily be chipped, which can end up costing you. Areas that you should avoid pressure washing are painted or stained decks, porches, and roofs.

How Do You Know the Difference?

You can test out a small area before pressure washing any surface. However, just because it doesn’t damage one area doesn’t mean the entire surface can withstand high-powered water. If you aren’t sure what should be pressure washed and what requires a gentler touch, then it is best to hire a professional company for soft washing in South Bend, like Above & Beyond. Our industry experience and training allow us to determine what can be safely pressure washed and what cannot. If you don’t know the difference, hire us. We ensure that you get the best results possible, and we take great care not to do any damage in the process.

Although pressure washing seems like an easy process – you aim and shoot water – it is not. If you use a pressure or power washing technique on materials that aren’t strong enough to withstand the high-powered pressure, then you could end up doing some significant and costly damage. At Above & Beyond Pressure Washing, we have trained professionals who know what can and what cannot safely be pressure washed. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for both pressure and soft washing and let us use your expertise to make your home look new again!