Spring is Right Around the Corner – Are Your Gutters Ready for the Thaw?

Although it feels like winter just started, we are already halfway in. And although it might be difficult to imagine right now, spring is right around the corner. If things got away from you and you didn’t get a chance to have your gutters cleaned, now is the time. If you don’t, you might have a real water problem on your hands when the spring thaw comes along with spring showers. Now is the perfect time to hire a gutter cleaning South Bend company to make sure you are prepared.

Make Sure Things are Flowing Freely

Your gutters are supposed to control water around your home and guide it away from the foundation. If they aren’t working as they should, it can lead to soil erosion, cracks in the foundation, or even flooding in your basement. If you let dirt and debris sit in your gutters, they are likely to get clogged, which will force water to spill over and pool around your house. To keep water flowing well and away from your home, make sure to clean your gutters now before things get problematic.

Reduce the Risk of Damage

When you don’t clean out your gutters, the buildup of dirt and debris can start to weigh things down. Gutters aren’t designed to handle much weight, so if you allow things to accumulate, they can bend and break. That can result in gaps in their ability to move water, and also the need to be replaced or repaired. And if you aren’t paying attention, water will start to pool around your foundation where the gutters are broken, which can jeopardize its structural integrity. So cleaning out your gutters is about more than just keeping water flowing.

Pests’ Breeding Grounds

Dirt and debris that isn’t addressed can start to grow mold, mildew, and bacteria. The moist conditions soon become a breeding ground for pests. And once you have an infestation, insects and rodents can do a lot of damage to the exterior of your house. And if you don’t take care of the situation, they can also make their way indoors and be very destructive. To eliminate the attraction that dirty gutters can be for pests, make sure to clean out your gutters regularly so you don’t give them a safe haven.

Preventative Care is Always Less Expensive Than Repairs

Although it might cost money to clean out your gutters, ignoring them is even more expensive! The small charge to keep things flowing by a professional gutter cleaning South Bend company, is well worth it when you consider the cost of repairing your gutters, or worse, your foundation. And it is also way less dangerous than doing it yourself.

If winter snuck up on you, you aren’t alone. Don’t let your gutters go all winter without cleaning them, or you might run into a whole lot of trouble in the spring. Contact Above & Beyond Pressure Washing today and let us make sure that your gutters are flowing freely in time for the spring thaw and May showers.