What Signs to Look for That you Need Soft Washing Versus Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to make a significant aesthetic enhancement to the exterior of your home. But although it is an effective way to get many outdoor places clean, it is not safe for all surfaces. The only way to know what you can and can’t pressure wash is through experience. Pressure washing isn’t safe for all surfaces. And if you try to pressure wash something that shouldn’t be, you can end up causing a whole lot of damage. There are some signs to look for that something shouldn’t be pressure washed, But the best way to know for sure is to hire a soft washing Michiana company.

Painted Surfaces

If a surface is painted, then it is best to proceed with caution before pressure washing it. The heavy pressure of the equipment can sometimes cause the paint to chip and fall away. To make sure that the surface you want to clean can withstand the rigors of pressure washing, it is best to test out a small portion to see if it does any damage. But, in general, painted surfaces are best handled with a soft washing technique versus the force of pressure.

Aging or Rotted Wood

Rotting wood is definitely a sign that you shouldn’t use a pressure washing technique. If you notice signs of rotting wood on your exterior spaces, choosing a soft washing method along with a solvent or cleaner is a much better way to handle older wood that you find on fascia and soffit boards, decks, and furniture. The best guide is always to assume that soft washing is a better way than to risk the damage that can come with pressure washing.

Porous Materials

Stone and concrete are almost always good with pressure washing because they are not only sturdy, but they aren’t impervious to water. If you have a surface that is highly porous, then the water can get into the crevices and cracks and cause expansion. If it does, that can create a whole lot of damage that will be an expensive repair. Again, you can test a small area to see how it responds, or just go with soft washing.

Stained Decks

Just like paint, stains should probably not be removed using pressure washing equipment. Pressure washing can lead to differences in the color of the deck, even if you try to repair it. Most likely, if the stain is removed, you will have to completely restain the entire deck, which is a big and expensive project. Soft washing is just as effective as pressure washing to do away with dirt, grime, and algae growth, as long as you know what chemicals and cleaners to use.
Pressure washing is a great way to clean outdoor spaces with ease and make a huge impact. But the high pressure involved in using pressure washing equipment is not appropriate for all surfaces. There are some general things to look for when deciding which method is better.
But before you go through the rigors of doing it yourself and the risk of doing some significant damage, consider hiring a soft washing Michiana company like Above and Beyond Pressure Washing to make the exterior of your home look like new again. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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