Why Soft Washing is a Must for Roof Cleaning!

In our industry we hear the same question a lot when dealing with potential and existing clients: “Is pressure washing safe for roofs?” Our answer is sort of a “yes” and “no.” “Pressure washing” is a general term that people use for roof cleaning using water jetting equipment, but there are different methods that a company that handles roof cleaning in South Bend, IN can use to clean your roof. It is important, however, to understand what the differences are and to know why soft washing is a must for roof cleaning!

What is Pressure Washing?

“Pressure washing” and “power washing” are usually terms that are used interchangeably, but they differ slightly. Pressure washing uses high-powered water from a pressure washing machine to get exterior surfaces clean by washing away things like dirt and debris. Power washing also uses high-powered water machinery, but it incorporates hot or warm water to aid in dirt removal. The process is the same; the only difference is in the water temperature.

What is Soft Washing?

Although people typically don’t know the difference, soft washing is also considered a “pressure washing” technique because it does use high-powered water to clean exterior surfaces. The main difference between power, pressure, and soft washing is that soft washing uses slightly less pressure and involves the use of various cleaning solvents which are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Therefore, soft washing is a “gentler” way to get things clean.

Why Soft Washing is a Must for Roof Cleaning

When choosing which method to use, a seasoned professional understands that not all exterior surfaces are strong enough to withstand the harsh and caustic nature of pressure washing. When it’s used on inappropriate surfaces, pressure washing can lead to damage. For roofs, pressure washing comes with a risk that the high-powered water will be too much, and that water can get underneath the shingles and cause mold. Power washing, over time, will also break down the granules of the shingles, leading to the risk of unnecessary repairs, or in extreme cases, the need for a premature roof installation.

Soft Washing Helps to Remove Dirt and Debris Without Risk

Soft washing is a must for roof cleaning because it gets your roof just as clean, and it’s less likely to harm your roofing material. Soft washing will help to maintain your roof to reduce its longevity, while enhancing your home’s aesthetics. When performed properly, soft washing is an excellent and affordable tool that can protect your roof for years to come.

Although people typically use the terms “pressure washing,” “power washing,” and “soft washing” as though they are the same thing, they are not. Only an industry expert can best determine the safest and most effective method to use. Our service for roof cleaning in South Bend, IN understands the special needs of varying materials and always uses a gentler touch when appropriate to ensure that you get the best results and know that we are always being as careful as possible. Contact Above and Beyond Pressure Washing to schedule your service today.