Staining Your Deck? Make Sure to Power Wash It First!

If it has been a while since you stained your deck, summertime is an excellent time to do it! But before you just start painting the stain on, a little preparation can make sure that the stain not only looks good, but lasts. Pressure washing is an excellent way to remove soiled areas and any type of surface discoloration so that when you stain it, the finish will look better and more even.

Cleaning Before Staining is a Must

Simply washing your deck before you stain it will probably not be enough to get it ready. Your deck still has an existing finish that is likely old and worn. If it’s not addressed, that finish will leave discoloration on your deck after it is stained, and the finish will also prevent the stain from penetrating the deck. This might lead to peeling or cracking. Also, if your deck is older, then it probably has a layer of oxidation giving it a gray surface, which will also interfere with the staining process. Just washing it will not do the trick, but pressure washing is an excellent way to remove the old so that the new will make your deck look brand-new again.

Advantages of Pressure Washing Pre-Stain

A pressure washer uses high-powered water to remove the surface layer from your deck. It works by removing the old finish along with dirt and grime. A pressure washer can also remove the debris that gets lodged in between the boards, which can lead to bacteria and fungi growth. Because a pressure washer uses only water – no chemicals – it is also safe for any vegetation surrounding your deck, and it is a much “greener” solution than other chemicals and solvents.

Is Pressure Washing Good for All Decks?

Although pressure washing is an excellent and eco-friendly way to prepare your deck for restaining, it isn’t good for all situations. If you have an older deck or you have let the maintenance lapse, then the boards might be a little too brittle to handle the high-powered water, which can lead to damage. In cases where pressure washing might not be suitable for a deck, soft washing is an excellent alternative. Soft washing uses a slightly gentler approach with eco-friendly solvents to help to remove any build-up. It’s also safe enough to ensure that your deck boards are not damaged in the process.

How Do You Know if Your Deck Can Be Power Washed?

Although most people assume that pressure washing is an easy do-it-yourself project, if you aren’t a trained professional you can end up doing a whole lot more damage than good. The only way to know for sure whether your deck is hardy enough to withstand pressure washing is to test a portion of it. But if you really want to play it safe, hire a professional Michiana power washing company like Above and Beyond Pressure Washing, and rest assured that your deck will be cleaned properly and your stain project will make your deck look as good as new. Contact us today to schedule your pressure washing service.